TiltCards is an easy and convenient set of electronic flash cards for basic arithmetic.  Designed for children in elementary school, TiltCards offer three skill levels for testing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  

Version 2 introduced two new modes: Missing and Fractions.  The Missing mode works the same as the standard Math mode but displays the question as: 3+?=8.  The answer would then be 5.  

The Fraction mode provides question for addition and subtraction with fractions.  Three levels are provided with Fractions.  The first level displays two fractions, and the answer is a fraction OR whole number (not an answer that is both whole AND fraction.)  The second level provides the answer as a fraction, whole number, or mixed whole and fraction.  The third level displays two whole and fraction numbers as the question and provides either a whole number, fractional number, or a whole and fraction as the answer.  (This may seem more complicated than it is!) 

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Version 3 brings some new features that really makes TiltCards stand out above the crowd!  To begin with, the app now has a "game" mode.  When you tilt the device to the left, the app runs the same as version 1 and version 2.  However, everything changes when you tilt the device to the right!  You will be presented with 10 posible answers, five on top and five on the bottom.  Only one answer is correct.  The quicker you answer the question, the more points you will receive.

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Another significant new feature in version 3 is the ability to work on a specific number.  It was sugested by someone using this app in an elimentry school with some of their students.  What they wanted was a way to focus on one number.  For example, if a student has dificuly with 7 in multiplication tables, the program can be used to only have 7 in the question.  This works with all functions of the program except while working on fractions.


The concept and use of TiltCards is simple and intuitive.  First select the skill level by pressing one button, and one more button to select the arithmetic function to test.  Then simply rotate your iPhone or iPod Touch in landscape orientation for the question, and then rotate your device back to portrait orientation for the answer.  To move to the next question, again just rotate your device to landscape.  That's it!


My freinds from over seas.

A lot of emails requested a version in many differant laguages.  I worked on releasing several differant languages and I am absolutely certain that there are errors in the text.  The program functions just fine in all languages as the code is the same.  Math is math, after all.  Please do not be offended by my misuse of other languages.  Please email me at support@wordguess.net with any corrections or suggestions on language.  

Date First Released:  October, 2009

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