FiveLetter Game


FiveLetters is a simple, but very challenging word game.  You are presented with five random letters that make up a certain number of three, four and five letter words.  All you need to do is drag the letter tiles up to the letter dock to spell a word.  Then tap the check button to the left of the dock to see if the word is in the game’s dictionary.  That is it!  Well almost.

The game starts out with five letters that make six words - three, four and five letters long.  You need to make words and get at least 750 points within 100 seconds.  If you can make  at least 750 points in 100 seconds, you go to the next level and get all the points you just accumulated.  If not, you do not get the points and you get one strike  Don’t stop making words after reaching 750 points, because you get more points for each word you make.  Longer words are worth more points.

The next level displays five letters again, but this time they only make six words.  You still need to get 750 points to go to the next level, however, each word is worth less points.  If you do not make 750 points in 100 seconds, you get one strike.  Three strikes in the game and it is all over!  However, each time you make it to the next level, you get all your strikes back.

When you complete the level that makes only 25 words, the hard part is about to start.  The game now starts at a group of letters that make six words again, but this time one of the letters is hidden by a question mark.  You have to reach 750 points again without knowing what the mystery letter is.

If you make it up to 25 words again, the game starts with six words, but one of the letters displayed is wrong!  Each time you make it up to 25 words, the game becomes increasingly difficult.

Good luck!

Date First Released:  March 5, 2010

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