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FiveLevels is a very easy game to play for the iPad only.  In its simplest form, you are presented with four sections.  Begin by pressing the green Start button.  The top left section (Section One) displays five tiles with letters on them.  These five letter tiles make 20 words.  You must drag the tiles up to the dock (puzzle pieces) to make a word that must be three to five letters long and found in FiveLevel’s dictionary.  To check if you have made a valid word, press the Check Button to the left of the dock.  If successful, the three to five letters you used to make your word will appear in the top right section (Section Two.)  You must now make a valid word (of at least three letters) from those letters.  If successful, your letters appear in the lower left section (Section Three.)  Repeat this one more time to get as many letters as possible to appear in the lower right section (Section Four).  Now each time you make a valid word in Section Four, you get points.

Remember, each time you use a word, that word can no longer be used in each lower level.  You are allowed to re-do a level.  If you do, you can reuse the words from each lower level but not one you have already used in that level.  However, be careful not to get yourself in trouble by using up too many words.  Don’t worry, the computer will keep track of what words are available and which words are not.

If you give up, or the time runs out (you only have 100 seconds) before you make any words in Section Four, you get one strike.  Three strikes and the game is over.  If you make ANY points during a round, your strike count goes back down to zero!  Any points you made in the round are then added to your game score.

It becomes more challenging if you make it to the next round.  The next round (round two), you are again presented with five letters in Section One, but this time, those five letters only make 19 words.

If you complete five rounds (or Five Levels), that is you make it to level six, you are again presented with five tiles that make 20 words.  However, one letter tile has a question mark on it.  You must try to figure out what that letter is.  Upon successful completion of this round, you are again given five tiles with one missing a letter, but these letters make only 19 words.  Then 18, 17, 16, and 15.

When you get to levels 11 through 15, all the tiles have letters, unfortunately, one of the letters is wrong!  Then levels 16 through 20 have one missing letter AND one wrong letter.  Levels 21 through 25 has two missing letters.  It gets increasing difficult until you get three strikes!  Every level, the game becomes slightly more difficult, but every five levels, the game gets very difficult!

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Date First Released:  May, 2010

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